Family House

Family House will participate in the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity

NPO Family House will participate in the Tokyo Marathon 2025 [Sunday, March 2, 2025] Charity as a donation recipient organization.

🔳Use of donations
We aim to create “dream houses” for children who require intense medical care along with their families, acting as a bridging middle-ground between the hospital and home. Donations through the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity will be used to fund construction of “dream houses,” where children with long-term illnesses can stay with their parents out of the hospital ward while still connected to the necessary medical equipment and also to maintain and operate existing facilities.

🔳How to participate the charity
There are two ways to participate.
1. Those who donate 100,000 yen or more and who wish to participate as charity runners
*If the number of runners exceeds the maximum number, charity runners will be selected according to the selection method of Family House.
2. Donation only : 1,000 yen or more

Click here for schedule

For details, please wait for the announcement of the entry requirements(scheduled for late June).

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