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Family House aims to create “dream houses next to hospitals” for children who require intense medical care along with their families, acting as a bridging middle-ground between the hospital and home and reducing their feelings of anxiety.

Family House is an official charity of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation Charity “RUN with HEART”.

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Since 2011, many Family House charity runners have participated in the Tokyo Marathon Charity, calling for their support. We look forward to the support of many people at the Tokyo Marathon Charity.

Dream Houses Project

We aim to create “dream houses” for children who require intense medical care along with their families, acting as a bridging middle-ground between the hospital and home. Donations through the Tokyo Marathon Charity will be used to fund construction of “dream houses,” where children with long-term illnesses can stay with their parents out of the hospital ward while still connected to the necessary medical equipment and also to maintain and operate existing facilities.

Please help us build “Dream House”

Family House began in 1991, as an idea from the families of patients undergoing treatment in the Pediatric Department at the National Cancer Center Hospital, and it has served over 280,000 people to date.
Due to advances in modern medicine, previously incurable childhood diseases have become treatable, which has led to increasing numbers of children with lengthy hospital stays, as well as those who must stay close to the hospital even while receiving outpatient care.
This has inspired Family House to strive towards providing “Dream House”, a warm, welcoming second home for families located in proximity to and in collaboration with associated medical facilities at which they are receiving medical care. We began working towards this goal from locations close to the National Cancer Center in Chuo City Tokyo, applying the accumulated experience we have gained over the years providing for patient needs to cover a broader network of medical centers and locations.
「“Dream House” is a house that is located within walking distance to hospitals, so that even patients who cannot leave the hospital can be near their families while receiving the necessary medical treatment and care.
In order for us as in society as a whole to support the young patients and their families who battle against life-threatening illnesses, we seek out monetary donations in various ways, such as through the generous participation in Tokyo Marathon Charity.

Help us to fundraise as an Individual/Corporate Donor to build “dream houses” for children who need intense medical care along with their families away from home.

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Family House

The Chairman Yachiyo Eguchi

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