Founded in 1991, Family House in Japan has been continuously providing accommodations to families of children with chronic life-threatening and life-shortening illnesses who have come from rural areas to large hospitals in Tokyo for their treatments.

You can see our houses on Japanese website.

We are the first nonprofit organization in Japan which has provided a “home away from home” to families of children with severe illnesses. In addition, we are in charge of the association called “Japan Hospital Hospitality House Network (JHHH Netework)”, which consists of 125 similar houses across Japan.

All our activities are supported by donors and volunteers. There is not any governmental funding to us. Your donation can make daily life of children with severe illnesses and their families better.

Your donation is used to keep a charge down to 1000 yen (approximately 10 dollars) and to improve facilities and care services.



Please contact the following e-mail address.