Tokyo Marathon 2023 Charity Application Procedures & Schedule

About Tokyo Marathon Charity
This is an initiative to expand the circle of charity activities through the Tokyo Marathon.
You can support this initiative by making donations. Those who donate more than the
amount specified by the charity organization and wish to run as a Charity Runne r, may be
s elected as a Charity Runner and asked to promote the charity activities while participating
in the event

Information about the Tokyo Marathon 2023 race and charity information
Tokyo Marathon 2023 Official Website (Charity Page)
(English) https://www.marathon.tokyo/en/charity/
Family House Website (Charity Page)
(English) https://www.familyhouse.or.jp/wp-content/uploads/tokyo2023_en.pdf

Contact for donations
Certified specified non-profit organization Family House
1-13-5 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Email: tokyomarathon@familyhouse.or,jp